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SEO Fundamentals: Start at the Start

Every day there are all kinds of articles about search engine optimization (SEO).  People can see how good SEO can help them, so they want to learn more.   So, they start jumping in to the daily stack of articles.  This can be a frustrating and potentially dangerous thing to do. You may think this is […]

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Social Media: Cool is Cool…but Overrated

Social media is cool, right? It has to be cool.  Everyone is doing it. Years back social media was a buzzword for companies and other organizations.  Now it’s commonplace.  It seems like every business has at least a couple social media accounts.  Most likely they are on Facebook and Twitter. Maybe a couple others. There […]

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When Will Be The Next Time “SEO Is Dead”?

SEO has died again & again according to some “experts” If you read any articles on search engine optimization (SEO) or marketing, you have seen some form of the following headline: SEO is Dead. Of course, SEO is alive and kicking.  In fact, it’s thriving.  Bloggers, businesses, and other organizations are recognizing more and more […]

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Guest Posts No Good Says Google’s Matt Cutts. Really?

Google Warns They’ll Be Clamping Down On Guest Posting Recently Google’s Matt Cutts came out and said that guest posts are no good. Actually, I believe he said “stick a fork in guest blogging”. Those are bold words. What were his reasons?  More or less he is saying that guest posting is becoming spammy and […]

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Boost Your Digital Marketing

Real World Digital Marketing Results The internet allows people to do so much. People are more connected than ever.  Businesses and people are trying to use this to serve their customers better.  In addition, they are also trying to use the internet and digital media for marketing.   But there is one problem. People don’t really […]

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